Patient Assistance Program

Arbor Pharmaceuticals' Patient Assistance Program

Arbor is pleased to offer prescription assistance for patients who qualify through Arbor Pharmaceuticals’ Patient Assistance Program (PAP).

Patients who meet the eligibility requirements and wish to be considered for participation must complete and submit a Patient Assistance Program Application. It is important that applications are fully completed and signed. Incomplete applications will delay the application process.

Please click on the following link: PAP APPLICATION for the Patient Assistance Program application, submission instructions, and contact information for questions. Zenzedi® CII (dextroamphetamine sulfate tablets, USP) and Evekeo CII (amphetamine sulfate tablets, USP) are not participating therapies in Arbor’s Patient Assistance Program.


For Gliadel Wafer (carmustine implant)

Please click for reimbursement support, information on the Gliadel Patient Assistance Program, or to access a Gliadel PAP Application. The application includes submission instructions and contact information for questions.


Please CLICK HERE to send us any Patient Assistance Program related questions or inquiries.